Please Pray for our Dear Friends

Come unto me, all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Please pray for those who are ill and unwell.

Our Church Family: Eleanor Heil, Warren Lazelle,  Lillian Thomas, Caroline Williams, Marianne Smith.

 Our Extended Church Family: Skip Nelson, Lori Jenkins & Family, Aunt May & Perryman Family,  LaCrete family,  Sue Greiner, Diane Frasco, Wendy + Nicky Guggiero,  Robert “Bob” Smallwood, Tom Willingham, Taylor McCarthy, Loretta, Jennifer Stark, Homer Martelli, Christopher Marra, Gideon Line, Skip Peirano, Ann Cortese, Joe Mauro, Roberta Allen,  Rosemary Finelli, Jeanette Stanfield.

 Our Homebound: Please remember with prayer all those who are now residing in nursing homes, or who reside out of state and are no longer able to worship with us.

Harriet Ludewig, Aubrey Langdon, Rev. George N. Frederick, Lois Gennarelli.

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